In AIR SYSTEMS COURIERS, INC. through the years we have developed excellent relations with our clients and we feel proud in being able to say  that we have an " excellent record " verified by these clients. Our service is  reliable, precise, responsible and professional. Our offices in San Juan and New York are directed by Mr. Francisco Kortright and Mrs. Eileen Martinez, respectively and our agents in Saint Thomas and Santa Cruz, make it  possible to control and track all shipments.

In addition to our services between New York, San Juan, Saint Thomas, Santa Cruz and Miami, we offer ground transportation every day covering the Island and Metro Area.

During the last four years Air Systems Couriers added  Air Systems Delivery, Inc. and Moto Express, to the company completing a route system to better serve our clients.

We have been serving daily different banking institutions for more than 30 years. We take the letter of remittance to the Bank of the Federal Reserve New York. We make transferences of documents of branches between San Juan. Saint Thomas, Santa Cruz and all the Island.


Air Systems has total coverage as is required by the banking institutions in Puerto Rico. We have in addition, a coverage adapted to all our vehicles and the employees are covered by the Bottom of the Insurance of the State, Social Insurance and all the benefits required by the government of Puerto Rico. We maintain a policy of Special Reconstruction with Loyd's of London for the amount of $2,000.000.00.


Air Systems Couriers, Inc. is  authorized by the public services commission and we have permits for each vehicle, Núm. TC-SEE-15 and we also have permits for other additional units. It is important that it is understood that many companies of transport in San Juan do not have the necessary authorization, operating illegally and the the public services commission can close their operations at any time.

We have a fleet of cars, trucks and motorcycle that we use for our services. Our company   is in a position to acquire immediately, additional units, according to the necessity, offering in this way the best possible service when new contracts arrive.

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